One Wall at a Time . . .

We have lived in our home for almost a year and half, and I still have blank walls throughout. I had a collection of mirrors that would really help to lighten up our dark living room (or at least I hoped it would). Finding the way to group them and figuring out how to easily hang that grouping without making a hundred nail holes was the problem.

On Pinterest, I happened upon a pin featuring a post by Jennifer at Remember Wren  with a detailed (and well photographed) description on how to do a layout for wall hangings which helped tremendously.  Jen on TaterTots and Jello had a similar method as well.  Hummmm, Jennifer and Jen, coincidence?  

I laid the mirrors out on the floor, playing around with them until I had the perfect configuration.


Using Jennifer’s method (because I thought it would be easier to complete the layout on my table instead of on the wall), I traced the pictures onto paper.  I then marked where the nails should be.


Next, I hung the paper on the wall using a level to make sure that it was straight. Then I inserted nails (or screws) in all the right places.


A closer look . . .

Then I just pulled the paper off the wall and hung the pictures. I had to do a little adjusting, but here is the outcome.

I’m sure you noticed that I did some re-arranging as well as a frame substitution (or maybe you didn’t, lol).  I plan to switch out the contents of a few of the frames, but for now I thought it was good enough just to get them on the display.   

And now a view of the entire wall.


After seeing the grouping on the wall, I think that I could probably have spaced everything further apart (maybe by using Jen’s method), but it’s not bad for a first try.  Who knows, I may space them out later.  At the least, I have room in the event that I decide to add more frames.  


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